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‘Light at the End of the Tunnel’ | Outdoor community festival returns to Historic Downtown College Park this weekend



The ReKindle 2021: Arts and Music Fest comes back the CP City Hall Lawn boasting a bigger and better itinerary

COLLEGE PARK, Ga. — If you look up the definition for the word, ‘Rekindle’ in the dictionary, you’ll find the following: ‘revive something that has been lost.’

A sentiment that arguably everyone on the planet can share as 2021 slides inexorably towards May and the onset of summer. Rising temperatures and vaccination efforts have begun to coax even the meekest from their COVID compounds to explore the outside world again. 

Luckily for the residents of College Park and the rest of Tri-Cities, there is a light at the end of that particular tunnel.

After having cut its teeth with the inaugural launch of its (hopefully) perennial festival last fall, the College Park Main Street Association (CPMSA) returns with the ReKindle 2021: Arts and Music Fest.


The arts & music festival was a brainchild of CPMSA board member, Grace Lunsford, who proposed the idea to the CPMSA Board during the pandemic lockdown last summer. 

“I think it’s pretty obvious that while the Arts are not incredibly lucrative, especially for the artists, it is a magnet that draws people to local businesses,” Lunsford shares with Vox Pop ATL.

Renee Coakley, the Main Street Manager for the City of College Park, who worked closely with the CPMSA last Fall, had this to share.

“We did it so well the first time, as far as social distancing with everything still being up in the air, that we’re pretty much just reduplicating the entire framework with a few additions.”

ReKindle was created with a collaboration between the City of College Park Cultural Arts Committee and the CPMSA to incentivize residents to support the local businesses in and around the Historic Downtown College Park district.    

New additions included in this year’s program are an additional night of music on Friday, April 30th featuring CP community fan favorite, Last Five Standing as well as a children’s only art exploration, lovingly nicknamed the ‘Kid’s Korral.’ 

The Kids Korral is reserved for children ages 3-8 and will be located directly in front of the College Park Auditorium. Each participant will receive a ReKindle College Park paint and brush set sponsored by local favorite, Drip-Thru Coffee.

“Our family and our business are huge supporters of the arts,” expresses Drip-Thru Coffee owner, Christy Deen. 

“My background’s with Walt Disney World, so I always try to create a little whimsy, and when I found out that we could be a sponsor for the ‘Kids Korral’ for the ReKindle event this Spring. I was all about it.”

The schedule of events for the ReKindle 2021: Arts and Music Fest is as follows:
(Rain Dates | May 7-9th, 2021)

Friday | Music
5:30p -7p Pre-Concert Community Check-in & Picnic
7p – 9p ‘Kick-Off Concert’ | “Last Five Standing”

Saturday | Art
2p -5p Local Fine Artists | College Park City Hall Auditorium Lawn
2p -5p Open Gallery Tours |  Push Push Art Studios
2p -5p ‘Kids Korral’ Children’s Art Exploration | College Park City
Hall Auditorium Lawn

Saturday Evening | Music
5:30p -7p Community Pre-Concert Check-in and Picnic
7p – 9p ReKindle Concert | “Lamont Landers Band”

Sunday | Art
2p -5p Local Fine Artists | College Park City Hall Auditorium Lawn
2p -5p Open Gallery Tours |  Push Push Art Studios
2p -5p ‘Kids Korral’ Children’s Art Exploration | College Park City
Hall Auditorium Lawn
6p -8p Fine Artists Gallery Sale | The City Muse

Proceeds and donations from this weekend’s ticket sales will be applied towards funding for future College Park Main Street Arts and Economic Development Event Efforts.

For more information about the ReKindle 2021: Arts and Music Fest, visit the event page here.

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‘Seeds of Change’ | The City of East Point sponsors garden bucket giveaway at Community Garden Field Day



In partnership with Food Well Alliance and the ArtsXchange, East Point welcomed the beginning of growing season with community artisans market

EAST POINT, Ga. — As Summer 2021 draws near here in metro Atlanta, dozens of events and activities both new or perennial have begun sprouting up around the city. 

This time last year, everything from beauty and barbershops to blockbusters and the Braves had already or were about to shutter in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdown.

Tucked behind Main Street just a couple of blocks away from Langford Parkway, the grounds in and around the ArtsXChange facility was bustling with activity on Saturday, May 1st.


Located on Newnan Street in Colonial Hills, the ArtXChange facility occupies the grounds once inhabited by the Jere Wells Elementary School. 

Last Fall, the community cultural center whose called East Point its home for the past couple of years, began implementing outdoor artisan markets as a part of its Cultural Connections program. The May Day Field Day marking its first artisan market for 2021. 

Vox Pop ATL spoke with the city of East Point’s recently implemented Urban Agricultural Manager, Tenisio Seanima about the bucket garden giveaway and some of the city’s plans. 

“Today, we actually gave away some bucket gardens where people can literally just take a bucket with a plant in it back home and grow their own food,” states Seanima.

“We’re allowing people to come out support the different artists that are here at the market, but in addition to that, people actually come and learn about different agricultural activities.”

Seanima tells Vox Pop that this would be the first of many Field Days that the city has planned with the ArtsXChange as a part of East Point’s newly-enacted Urban Agricultural Plan.  

“We are the first city in the southeastern region of the United States to actually have a comprehensive plan that includes a segment devoted to urban agriculture, and my job is to help initiate the process of making that plan come to life. So, it’s an exciting time,” Seanima shares.

Vox Pop ATL spoke with one of Field Day vendors, Wendy Golding, owner/operator of Greatest Of All Pops or GOAP. The Hapeville-based, vegan ice cream company has only been in business for the past 6 months.

“The community has been amazing, and I really get all of my vibes and energy from the community. Everyone has been so supportive and so helpful,” proclaims Golding. 

“So, I made a point to source only local Black-owned and minority farms for all my fruits. So, buying a pop is more than just buying a pop. It’s literally putting money back on other people’s tables but it’s also giving this Black girl hopes and dreams and just the ambition to keep going.”

The May Day Field Day event was the first open-air market held in the Tri-Cities this year but certainly will not be the last. 

For more information about the city of East Point’s Agricultural Plan, click here to see the draft in its entirety, and for more information about the ArtsXchange community cultural center, visit their website.

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